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360° Videos

360° videos or E-commerce videos are short videos that showcase your product with a 360° degree view. These videos allow customers see exactly what they’ll be getting. It often clears up questions and can even enlighten confused customers, which in turn relieves extra strain on customer support.

In addition, 360° videos help with sales. They give the customer detailed product information in a way that a description often can’t match.


  • A fun demonstration of how a product works
  • Showing off a product’s features with multiple camera angles and close-ups
  • Video of real people using the product
  • Footage of results customers can expect from using the product

Generate More Los Angeles Area
Sales with 360° Videos

Selling products online can be tricky. Consumers often need more information than a product description and a few photos to get a thorough understanding of how a product or service will work.

In many cases, a product is far more faceted than pictures or words can convey. 360° videos are the perfect choice when you have complex products with too many cool features to properly describe.

We Specialize in E-commerce Videos

THP offers e-commerce videos at an affordable price for any business. Our process has been tested and refined to provide all of our clients with exceptional service and a premium quality product.

Each client is assigned a Partner Development Specialist (PDS) that will manage your project from concept to approval of  the final video.

The process begins with concept creation and then moves to storyboarding. When storyboarding is complete the project moves to production.  You have the option of participating in the process either in-house or via our virtual studio. You also have the option of leaving it in the hands of our e-commerce video production experts.

The final video is custom tailored to showcase your product and brand in the best light while providing an in-store experience to soon-to-be customers.

Videos Help Your Products Sale

Helping the customer understand your product can help you make the sale. The in-depth visuals that video provides can answer any questions that they may have.

Any business with complex, faceted, or involved products or services can benefit from 360° videos. Not to mention, it’s content that’s useful and valuable to your target audience. 360° videos are the key for solid content marketing and building trust with customers.

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