Influencer Partnerships & Media Management Services

In the food and beverage industry, influencer marketing plays a critical role in driving brand awareness, enhancing brand reputation, and increasing sales. Brands can benefit from partnering with influencers to create and distribute high quality content to reach your desired audience or unlock a new one.

Explore how these strategies can be beneficial and how they intersect in promoting food & beverage brands:

Influencer Marketing for the Food & Beverage Industry

  • Increased Reach and Exposure
  • Authenticity and Credibility
  • Content Creation
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Paid Social Media Support

Media Relations Services for the Food Industry

  • Branded Partnerships
  • Media Partnerships
  • Events and Activation Support

Influencer Brand Partnerships and Media Collaborations

  • Media Exposure for Influencer Collaborations
  • Cross-Promotion Opportunities
  • PR Kits for Influencers



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When referring to the synergies between Tag Canada and Parkland, Mark says “It’s almost weirdly too good of a combination! They’re so heavily invested in the food and the photography, it has made it a really good partnership and we’ve gotten a lot of praise, internally at the company and even on our social channels, about how good the production and quality looks”.

 – Mark Neufeld, Digital & Social Manager at Parkland


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