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Today, both B2B and B2C marketers are tasked with trying to compete for their target audience’s attention using less time, resources and budget than ever before. We believe that big ideas don’t need to cost big dollars. Our uniquely productized model is designed for marketers who want a flexible, nimble and affordable solution for winning their target audience away from their competition. Learn more about our award-winning marketing solutions.

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How Does It Work?

We are the leading food content creation and social media solutions company to brands and agencies. Our services can be purchased on-demand, based on an a la carte menu, which means you can pay for services as you need them, with no expectation of retainers or long-term contracts. From recipe video production to social media marketing content creation, you can purchase one or one hundred units of many different products.

The Hot Plate is a niche capability within Tag, focusing on food and beverage content creation services. Our Hot Plate team are the leaders in food and beverage photography, recipe video production and social media marketing for over 850 food and beverage brands and agencies in Canada and the United States. Our in-house test kitchen team is a key reason why we’re the go-to content creator for brands and commercial food photography. With our full-time team of photographers, videographers, producers and food stylists, we are the top food content creators for your marketing channels, with a specialized focus on social media channels like TikTok, Instagram (Meta), LinkedIn and more.

What makes us different? Today, our food content creation company works with 850+ different customers. we have an incredible team headquartered in Toronto, as well as an expansive ambassador network of creative professionals that give us the flexibility to support our customers across North America. We are a food and beverage marketing agency helping brands who are struggling to find a simple and cost-effective way to create quality content that meets the growing volume demands of social and digital channels. Our flexibility, scalability, and high-quality assets are bar-none; churning out hundreds of thousands of pieces of content each year. From beverage photography to food commercial videos to social media marketing, we are your one-stop-shop. Not to mention, we’ve maintained a 96% customer satisfaction score year over year since 2017!


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