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Video is an effective way to convey your message to your audience. As people utilize new technologies and move away from traditional media (eg. TV), video gives you the opportunity to communicate and connect in a meaningful way.

THP specializes in creating video content that showcases the unique personality of your brand. Video translates into better brand awareness, retention of information, higher market visibility, and ultimately, more conversions.

Our Video Production Process

Deciding that you want your video produced by an industry leader is the first step. Next, a dedicated partner development specialist (PDS) will be assigned to your video project. Our specialist will manage your project from concept to production. We have a proven process that ensures a thorough understanding of budgets, goals, timelines, and objectives for the video. You can choose how involved you’d like to be in the production of your video. Whether that means being involved in all approvals, joining us remotely via Virtual Studio, or simply trusting production to the experts, THP will create a custom solution to fit your marketing team’s needs.

Our Video Production Costs

THP’s pricing model is second to none. Long term contracts and large retainer fees aren’t necessary with us. Our clients can sign up and pay for over 150 marketing services on an on-demand basis. This enables brand managers, marketers and businesses to obtain superior content while working within their marketing budget.

Digital Video Categories

THP specializes in several types of video which are listed below.

Micro Videos $1,450

Micro videos are up to 30 seconds in length and are great for short recipe videos, tip videos, and how-to videos.

Instructional Videos $2,900

Instructional videos are up to 3 minutes long and are created to educate customers. This type of video is one of the top performing video styles on social media.

Stop Motion Videos $3,000

Stop Motion videos are up to 45 seconds in length and use a series of photographs to make objects appear animated.

Premium Micro & Inspirational Video $3,600

Premium Micro & Inspirational videos are up to 1 minute long and are geared toward digital advertising, social media marketing, and tradeshow demo reels.

THP's cinemagraph showing a woman blowing gold stars.

Cinemagraphs $750

A Cinemagraph is a still photo blended with a continuous subtle movement. This style of digital media is highly effective for social media marketing, newsletters, and email marketing campaigns.

E-commerce Videos $250

E-commerce videos include a 360-product video on a white backdrop. Consumers say they feel more confident making a purchase online after viewing a video.

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