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Explainer Videos are Marketing Assets

People use video for a variety of reasons today, including education and information. The topics range from how to make French macaroons or caramelize onion to how to properly sharpen kitchen knives.

It would be hard to understand the concepts and techniques if these lessons were presented through text and images alone. As a result, explainer video also known as instructional video has grown in popularity.

M4M 2T1 Area Explainer Video is More Effective

For many consumers, video is a method that’s more effective and fun than other types of information. It allows people to learn at their own pace as well as follow along while watching. The visual aspect of video allows some consumers to gain a better understanding of a product and how to use it effectively.

An instructional video is all of the above. It’s about 2 minutes in length and shows/instructs the audience how to do something.

A Variety of Industries Could Benefit From Using Instructional Videos in Their Marketing Strategy

There’s not a doubt that a good video can have a positive impact on your marketing campaigns. The instructional variety works well for creative industries like fashion  (think “get the look” tutorials and “get ready with me” videos).

The food and beverage industries also ideal. Lots of people are getting back into home cooking or sharpening their skills, and are therefore hungry for explainer videos and easy tips.

In short, an explainer video is a creative opportunity for any industry with a little bit of imagination.

What’s Involved with Creating Sleek, Professional Instructional Videos?

When you create a video with THP, we make the process as simple as possible.

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Briefing and Direction

It all starts with a briefing so we can understand exactly what you need. We, then,  go over your campaign objectives.

First Draft – Production

Once we have a clear direction, we begin the first draft of your project with storyboard creation. We move to in-studio video production, which may include food and prop styling. After filming, your video moves to the editing stage where we tweak it, add music, and add post-production elements like text overlays.

Review, Revision, and Delivery

The first draft goes to you for review. We do one round of revisions if you want to make any changes.

Finally, we deliver the final product for your approval. All told, the price comes out to approximately $2,900 for a high-quality, professional, crisp video that looks and sounds amazing. At this point, it’s ready for the social or web platform of your choice: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, apps, or your company website.

Video Is The Secret Ingredient for Engaging Content

These days, presenting informative and interesting content is more important than ever for businesses who want to appeal to potential customers. Video hits all of these checkmarks and is compulsively watchable. Contact us today and learn more!

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