Content Marketing Strategy: How To Create Content That Can Be Leveraged Globally

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In the current crowded and diverse digital marketing landscape, it’s becoming essential for content marketers to meet consumers where they already are. But how do you know if your content marketing strategy allows for globally scalable content? How do you ensure the content you create resonates at a global, regional, and local level? A content marketing strategy that works in one region may completely miss the mark in another. Creating globally standardized content that is scalable and can appeal to regional and local markets is simple if you leverage this content marketing strategy.

What’s included:
  • Learn how to effectively balance global, regional and local priorities to create a seamless content marketing strategy
  • Identify when to create net new assets versus adapting and versioning existing content
  • Get THP’s best practices building transcreation into your content strategy
  • Understand which digital and social media platforms are most popular around the world