Next Up: Gen Z

How to Market to the Next Generation of Consumers

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Marketers, brace for Gen Z impact. Generation Z, or Gen Z, are a new generation of consumers born between 1995 and 2007 (ages 23-11). They almost always have several screens and digital platforms open at all times, quickly adopt new tech and are totally abandoning traditional media channels. Not to mention, they command $44 billion in buying power. Yes, you read that right – $44 with a B. Capturing their fleeting attention is a pretty big feat for brands that don’t align with their values and beliefs.

In this eBook, we break down how marketers can identify with Gen Zers. We cover everything from the platforms they’re present on, to broader trends in Gen Z consumer behavior. Then, we wrap things up with tangible strategies you can leverage to effectively and authentically reach and engage this emerging consumer group.

What’s included:

  • Key Generation Z consumer behavior insights
  • New research on Generation Z’s values, beliefs, and outlooks
  • Actionable insights you should take into consideration for your strategy