Influencer Marketing and Partnerships


Get the right people talking about your brand. According to Neilsen, partnering with the right influencers produces enormous long-term benefits for brands. Beyond the benefit of consumer referrals on social media, which are wildly popular with millennials, Nielson reported that influencer marketing contributed a decisive sales lift per 1000 impressions, long-term CPM cost-reduction and user generated content creation. Not to mention, they are not susceptible to ad blocking.


  • Influencer research and list development
  • Influencer contract negotiation and management
  • Development of influencer pitch, program brief, and basic key messaging

Pricing based on outreach of up to 25 influencers and priced per campaign.

Influencer allowance to be determined on program kick off.

Client Liaison & Updates

Classic Monitoring & Reporting

Giveaway Placement Coordination