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80% of marketers agree that having a social media strategy has increased their company’s website traffic. However, a number of companies still admit to not having a social strategy in place.

We believe this is often a result of members of the team wearing too many hats. You can’t bank on your content writer also being an expert in social media marketing. Just like you can’t have your marketing executive designing Instagram images.

At THP, we have developed a truly on-demand way to buy content and social media marketing services. On-demand social media services allows you to pick and choose the services that are right for your team, so that your guys can focus on what they’re great at and we can take care of the rest. After all, it has been estimated that one new user joins social media every 15 seconds, which is a rapidly growing audience for you to be missing out on!


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With so much else on your plate (excuse the pun!), we understand that managing multiple social media accounts can be a struggle for many companies, no matter the size of the team. In fact, 36% of people admit that managing social media channels on a daily basis is the biggest annoyance of their job – eek! Fortunately for us, it’s one of our favourite services to work on.

We’re not an agency, but our model is pretty awesome. THP is designed to work as an extension of your current team or agency. We offer over 60 social media marketing services so that you can customize the support your brand needs to get to the top of its game. Whether you need full service support or are just looking to fill in for a mat leave, vacation or get some extra support during busy season, we can help.

THP will ensure that your content is seen by the right people and in the right way. From creating eye-catching social posts, including captivating videos or images, right through to scheduling and uploading content at the optimum time for your audience, our experts are devoted to boosting your social engagement and ensuring your followers are always heard!

Better still, we are experts in the food, beverage and consumer goods industry, so we know exactly how best to support both consumer and food service companies reach their target audiences successfully.

 Social Media Services Pricing

THP is dedicated to creating services that cater to your needs, which is why all of our strategy and social media support options are completely scalable and affordable. Best of all, because we are a one-stop shop you get the ease of being able to create exceptional content alongside your social media services. Our team of dedicated content experts will make sure that your content and social media strategy are working together to increase results and engagement. We are definitely an affordable social media agency.

The everyday management of social media channels can be time-consuming. Checking feedback, follower comments and completing customer service in a timely manner – it all adds up. Take the stress out of social by letting us manage your online community.

Our full-service community management will keep your Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram well maintained and always active. We will monitor notifications during the week and on weekends, following a personalized Community Management Guide based on your marketing objectives.

You can also add social media advertising to your service, starting at just $200 per month. Our flat rate pricing ensures that more of your budget goes towards getting results, rather than being spent on all of the stuff in between.

These services are great for a more collaborative approach and can range between $1,800 – $5,000 per month depending on whether you would just want us to help with content calendar development, or whether you’d like a more fully loaded option, including strategy, advertising and reporting.

The power of influencers is ever-growing and can be a huge asset to your social media strategy. Our programs typically run for three months and start at $6,500, which includes reaching out to our extensive database and sourcing the most trusted social media voices in your industry to collaborate with. The only thing not included is the allowance for influencer compensation, which will be determined with you based on your goals.

If you’re looking for a highly customizable service instead, these one-off projects or bundles can start from just $2,000 per quarter or per campaign. Choose from a variety of social media options and add-ons including a 360 roadmap, a social media audit & competitor analysis, social media advertising or all of the above!



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