Today’s Digital Consumer: Connect With And Convert Your Target Audience Online

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We’re now entering an era where shopping is a 24/7 consumer-centered digital experience. But who is the new digital shopper and how will they change the face of consumer marketing?

Soon to reach their peak spending power, Millennials now make approximately 60% of their purchases online. Being nearly-native to digital, this new shopper expects a more holistic and customized experience, yet prefers not to give up much personal data in the process.

So, how can brands crack the code and meet their needs at every step of the buyer journey? We’ve highlighted new key insights you need to know in order to connect with, attract, and convert the new digital consumer online.

What’s included:

  • Key digital media channels today’s consumers use most as well as how to leverage them to boost brand awareness and conversions
  • How to seamlessly integrate online and offline consumer experiences
  • Key preferences that set digital shoppers today apart from those of the past
  • Actionable insights and recommendations you can put into practice today

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