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Create a TV Commercial and Take Your Business to The Next Level

Do you want a proven method for expanding your brand awareness and growing your business? There’s a way, and it involves creating TV commercials. According to Adweek, TV is still the most effective way to advertise. In particular, TV ads lead to more sales, and more new customers, than any other avenue. If you want a professional, high quality TV ad, you need THP’s experts behind you.

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Let THP’s Experts Produce Your Next Commercial

Producing a commercial is a hefty endeavor. Producing a high quality commercial is even harder. It requires story boarding, script writing, prop styling, video editing and post-production (including animated supers and text overlays), as well as premium sound & music coordination. Depending on the type of commercial, it may also require hired talent, like actors, as well as hair & makeup and wardrobe. THP provides all of this and more when you choose us to create a great commercial for you. We have the resources and the creative team to make it happen.

Our Toronto Area TV Commercial Production Process

All of our creative services start with a briefing, which allows us to determine exactly what your objectives are. After determining your objectives, we begin scripting the ad and storyboarding.

When storyboarding is complete we move to production. The resulting video is a first draft that’s submitted to you for approval or revisions.The final product we deliver is a professional, premium video that hits every mark.

TV Commercial Pricing and Turnaround Time

Our average turnaround time for premium video is 4 weeks. However, we do offer expedited service as well if you need it in a hurry. For pricing, contact us directly to get an overview of our rates.

Set Your Brand Apart with Effective TV Commercials

A professionally-produced, effective TV ad can generate new leads . As a result, you will gain more brand awareness and exposure to a wider audience, which can help grow your business overall. If you’re ready to expand your marketing capabilities and make the leap to TV, contact us today.

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