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A micro video is a short yet effective video that’s up to 30 seconds in length. The 30 second video is great for industries of any kind. Some examples include, how-to videos, short recipe videos, demo videos and more. Show your audience how you make your special recipe for risotto, or teach them how to slice a tomato with your razor-sharp knives. Demonstrate how to use a new product, or use your video marketing campaign to make them curious or excited about your brand.

Video Marketing with Micro Videos

Video demands attention better than a photograph, flashy graphics, or even an animated GIF. Video marketing in Los Angeles is an effective way to connect with your audience. It’s also proven that, people stop and engage with videos longer than any other type of content when using social media. Micro videos (30 second videos or short videos) take this opportunity and turn it into snippets of entertainment, inspiration, or education for your viewers.

We Create Professional 30 Second Videos

A professionally produced video takes a bit more than you might expect. However, our process at THP is simple and effective. All the projects we work on are new opportunities to exercise our creativity and produce amazing videos.

Our Process

Our process begins with a conversation that gives us a detailed outline of your vision for the project.  We’ll set clear objectives for your campaign prior to starting the first draft.

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Production of the video requires storyboarding, in-studio video production, prop and food styling, video editing, music coordination, and creative effects. When the first draft is complete, we send it to you for review. If necessary, we complete a single round of revisions to ensure it meets your specifications.

Final Product and Price

After final approval, you’ll receive the completed product. A 30 second video with a professional look and feel tailored to your brand. Moreover, the micro video is ready for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, your company website, apps, and more. From briefing to storyboarding to styling, our price is set at $1,450. You can add-on extra editing, motion graphics, and more for an additional fee.

Enhance Your Marketing with Video

Videos are an effective way to garner more attention on social media, which can lead to more interest, traffic, and leads for your brand. Take advantage of this opportunity with  micro video marketing. Contact us today!

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