Apr 27

2016 Food Trend: Bowls

Beautiful Bowls of Food-028

We are being bowled over by a new 2016 food trend that’s leaving the plate in the cupboard. This year, everyone’s combining all their favourite foods into easy to manage bowls.

If you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram lately, this trend will be very familiar to you thanks to the popular Smoothie Bowl. The morning smoothie made it’s way from cup to bowl offering breakfast gurus more variety in their nutritious morning meals. Putting these ingredients in a bowl, also makes this dish look so beautiful! Try doing a quick search on Instagram to see a rainbow of colours that just keep getting better!

The bowl trend doesn’t end at breakfast though. Power bowls are the lunch equivalent of the smoothie bowl. These lunchtime treats are packed full of grains and veggies for a meal that you will be proud to eat… and show off to your friends. Quinoa, chickpeas, avocado and sprouts are just a few of the most common ingredients starring in lunch bowls.

The opportunities with this nutritious bowl food trend is seemingly endless with rice, oatmeal, chia, sweet potato and more all being packed into bowls in never-ending flavour combination.

How are you taking advantage of everyone’s bowl love?