Feb 23

2016 Food Trend: Hawaiian Cuisine

We are always looking for a way to give ourselves an escape and dream of being on a beach somewhere warm, so it should come as no surprise that Hawaiian food has finally started spreading the globe. Anyone who has spent time on the island paradise knows that nothing can beat eating with the sun on your face. The cuisine of Hawaii has developed over time by melding the fresh food of the region with things that settlers brought to the island. There is influence from European, American and Asian cuisine in the meals that combines to make Hawaiian food something completely unique in itself.


Spam is one of those interesting things that made its way into Hawaiian cuisine thanks to visitors. In World War II the meat was served to soldiers stationed there. As time passed, the locals also started adopting the canned meat into their meals. By the time the war was over, Spam was a part of Hawaiian cuisine that remains a staple to this day. Local chefs have found unique ways to use this product that many other people would never think of.


Have fun with this Japanese Hawaiian hybrid and impress guests with THP’s homemade maki rolls.