Oct 24

PRESS RELEASE – THP Releases Fourth Annual Flavor & Trend Forecast

The Trendiest Flavors and Cuisines for 2019

Right from our culinary Experts, the industry leading report covers 2019’s 10 hottest trends and five more to keep an eye on. View the full report here.

TORONTO, ON – THP released their Flavor & Trend Forecast for 2019 – a comprehensive annual report highlighting the latest ingredients, cooking techniques and culinary ideas driving innovation in the food and beverage industry across the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. The report also pays homage to 5 trends that didn’t make the list but are definitely ones to watch.

For 2019, the Flavor & Trend Forecast identified 10 key global trends, some of which include:

  • Clear Foods – Raindrop cakes and clear pumpkin pie are just a couple of new clear dessert options seen on restaurant menus. Often made with Agar (vegan and seaweed based) to gelatinize, it provides another fun option to the ever-growing vegan dining scene.
  • Smart Cooking – The kitchen is becoming smarter! Thanks to smart phone apps, consumers can program their small appliances to cook over Wi-Fi from anywhere with ease. Convenience is the key and with the abundance of new multi-cookers across the marketplace, you can see the way technology is evolving the home kitchen.
  • Gold – There’s nothing more striking than the glitz and glamor of 24k gold. Whilst inherently flavorless, gold’s appeal lies solely in its bling. For a brief instant, we feel a thrill of extravagance, a sense of adventure, and utterly lavish from eating something purely for the “wow” factor. As a result, expect to feast your eyes on gold popping up on both savory and sweet dishes around the globe.

Each year, THP’s in-house culinary team develops more than 7,000 recipes for over 680 leading food and beverage brands across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.

“The THP Flavor & Trend Forecast brings innovation and research to our customers, inspiring forward-thinking brand strategies immersed in new product and usage ideas,” says Dana Speers, Director of Operations, Creative and Culinary. “The THP team has conducted extensive research at the global and national level — to ensure our customers are working with the world leaders in culinary innovation. Some flavor trends are purely aspirational, while others serve as predictive data, enabling brands to capture key insights and inform product development and content marketing strategies,” Speers goes on to say.

“THP believes that all trends start in the best restaurants in the world so we look to chefs across the globe when gathering our data,” says THP’s Culinary Manager and winner of Chopped Canada: Season 1, Stephanie Brewster. “As we examine hundreds of menus from venerable restaurants across continents … certain trends start to emerge. [From there,] our culinary team pulls out all the stops with hands-on research like growing mushrooms from spores, curing, emulsifying or cooking with smart technology, just to name a few,” Brewster explains.

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