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5 Ways Social Media Polls Will Improve Your Content

BLOG June 9 2021

As marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to get honest and valuable feedback from our audience. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have all added the poll as a feature, so it’s worth seeing how your brand can use this to its advantage!

Social Media polls provide a simple and effective way to interact with your audience, increase engagement, offer entertainment and collect important research and data. As a brand you can use this information and the subsequent relationships you build with your audience to develop future products, messaging, and further refine your strategy. Polls offer a simple way to get users to pause and take an extra second to think about your content.

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Here are five key reasons why our Social Media Experts recommend polls to help improve your content and strategy:

#1 Immediate and Intimate Feedback

Starbucks Instagram Story Poll

Social Media Polls provide a quick and easy way for your audience to tell you exactly how they feel on a particular issue. Polls can act as a great way to collect audience research and gain feedback on a new product or feature of your company. Learn your audience’s preferences quickly and use that information to inform future developments.

Starbucks used an Instagram poll to ask their users what color they would prefer for a new summer drink. The difference between pink and violet might seem minimal, but the audience can participate and provide valuable information on which color they prefer. Research on new products used to take months but with polls, you can receive feedback almost instantaneously! Plus, your audience will feel acknowledged. It’s a win-win!

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#2 Increased Engagement

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  • Tribe Hummus Instagram Story Poll 2
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Everyone has an opinion, and social media polls are presented as a tool to share them! When asked a question, people often want to give more feedback to support their choice, leading to more comments and direct messages. The resulting boost in engagement on your post will contribute to a larger organic reach as social algorithms favor content with high interaction scores.

Take Tribe Hummus who used Instagram Polls to learn what their user’s favorite flavor of hummus is. While this post would also be good content for an Instagram or Facebook feed, adding the poll encourages more engagement and allows people to give their thoughts on a topic close to everyone’s heart – hummus!

#3 Inform and Entertain Your Audience

  • guac poll
  • dunkin poll
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Polls provide a new and exciting way to give your audience information about your company or products. Be creative! There are many ways to intrigue your audience and encourage them to do further research on your brand. Think of a poll like a quiz, a true or false test or a complex question that can encourage followers to go to your website or profile for more information.

Social media polls can be silly too! Look how Chipotle and Dunkin Donuts used a poll to poke fun at two food items that are universally loved: coffee and guacamole. Polls are a great way to engage with your audience without needing anything from them, and instead offering entertainment.

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#4 Driving Decisions

Margarita Instagram Story Poll

Polls provide a concrete way for your audience to feel like they’re being heard and have power over how they interact with your products. By offering a choice in an upcoming decision, you give users a chance for them to feel even more connected to your brand. If your audience receives what they hope for, they’re more likely to feel personally invested, seeing that you care and value your customers’ opinions. Think outside of the box with polls. Let your audience create that new menu you’ve been thinking about for months, build a recipe, or even rate styles of photos. People love to get involved!

#5 Offer Real Time Interaction and Adventure

Dessert Poll

Social media polls offer an exciting new way to create conversation during live events. Is there a live event happening in your city? Big game on? Ask your audience, they’re sure to let you know how they think! Polls offer a great way to engage those unable to attend events in person. Results on polls continuously update as more people vote, so people can check back to see the outcome.

Polls – The Obvious Opportunity

Polls provide a fun and creative way to interact with your audience on social media. Expand your content arsenal, improve overall engagement, gather research and data and entertain your audience all in one.

What are you waiting for? This simple addition can supercharge your content strategy and spark some fun and change into your brand.

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