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Professional Product Photographers, Three International Locations

In addition to food product photography in our Toronto and United Kingdom locations, THP provides Product Photography Services throughout the United States.

We believe in providing extraordinary product photography services to every client, every time.  THP’s goal is to ensure that each of our food and beverage clients stands out from the crowd by showcasing their products or brand in the best light. We are not simply taking photos, we are assisting you in strategically positioning your brand. Our custom designed stock photos give you peace of mind, knowing that your food imagery is one of a kind, unique to your brand.

Our Photography Process

A tested and effective communication process paired with passion and a commitment to quality service has allowed THP to service a growing geographic area. Technology is key to our process as well. It allows our clients to participate as much or as little as they like. Clients have the ability to attend a brand photoshoot via Virtual Studio from any location in the world.

Depending on the nature of the photoshoot, we will acquire the necessary food and beverage items for the shoot, or they can be shipped them to us if not available locally. As a result, there is a small allowance added to the cost of photoshoots requiring the product purchases.

Receiving Your Photos

Most photos are ready within a week from your initial briefing with a Partner Development Specialist (PDS).

The cost for each of our photo services is listed below. To purchase product photography services or any of our other online marketing services visit our Shop Services page.

• Custom Designed Stock Photos ($335)
• Photos of Existing Recipe ($335)
• Premium/POS Photos ($460)
• E-commerce Product Photos ($120)

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