Oct 29

#FOODPORN FRIDAY – Fun With Food Edition!

Engaging video content to keep things fun on a Friday!

Here at THP you can’t keep us from playing with our food, especially when it comes to creating videos for our fabulous followers! This week we’re playing around with stop motion, so take a peak to see what we’ve created.

A few facts about stop motion: In 1898 the first stop motion video was created, but I’m sure it didn’t look quite like ours. This style of video blends both photography and video elements together to create an animated final product. To shoot a stop motion, objects are moved in small increments between individual photographed frames and the photos are stitched together to create one fluid movement. The end result, a highly engaging animated video that brings any object to life.

Want to create a branded video, showcase a newly launched product or inspire shoppers with a fun recipe? Stop motion videos are a fun and creative way to liven up video content on your website, in store locations or on your social platforms. To learn more about stop motion videos and how you can create them with THP get in touch today!

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