Aug 24

How Top Marketers Are Creating Engaging Holiday Content

With only 70 days until Christmas, it’s time for brands to focus on developing holiday content and strategies. The holiday season accounts for as much as 20% of annual sales for most retailers,*and that is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Brands need to think twice about how they’re going to inspire consumers to purchase and what strategies they’ll use to capture their attention (and wallet share). Whether on your website, social media platforms or in-store displays, targeted seasonal content is imperative for engaging new and returning consumers. Surprisingly, creating engaging content is one of the top challenges marketers face. In fact, 60% feel that they haven’t quite hit the mark when it comes to effective content creation*.

With only 40% of marketers feeling they have a tight grasp on what content to serve up this holiday season, understanding the trends is at the top of a lot of marketers’ wish lists. Top marketers know that engaging holiday content needs to balance being inspiring, experiential/emotional and educational. They also choose to mix mediums and serve up holiday gifting inspiration through photo, video, recipes/entertaining ideas and written formats.

10 Top Marketing Facts for the 2017 Holiday Season


  • $183, is the average dollar Canadian parents will spend for Back to School shopping 2017. How are you helping parents prepare? (eMarketer)
  • Timing is everything. 40% of all holiday spend happens over Thanksgiving in the US. (Fox Business)
  • 50% of dog owners and 39% of cat owners will buy gifts for their furry friends over the holidays. (APPA)
  • In North America, recipe searches spike during the last two weeks of December.
  • 49% of shoppers say Facebook is influential in their holiday shopping while 28% look to Instagram for the perfect gift. (Facebook)
  • For 40% of shoppers their mobile device makes for a better-informed purchase decision. (Facebook)
  • In 2017, 51% of shoppers are expected to complete a purchase on their mobile device. (Facebook)
  • In 2016 alone, restaurant gift cards made up 41% of holiday gift purchases. (Blackhawk Network)
  • The average UK household spent £474 on gifts in 2016 and increased their mobile spend by 51% since 2015. (Real Business)
  • Health & Beauty products accounted for 22% of gifts purchased for holiday 2016. (Deloitte)

Now that you know the stats, what are you doing to prepare for the holiday rush? Have you developed your holiday social media ad buying strategy? Do you have your content developed? Have you created a killer gift guide to excite consumers to put your products on their gift or wish list? It’s not too late, and we’d love to help you win this holiday season!

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