Feb 06

PRESS RELEASE – February 6, 2015



TORONTO, ON – February 6, 2015 – To fully capture its expanding service offering and extensive growth, Toronto-based test kitchen and creative agency, The Hot Plate, has rebranded to THP.


“The test kitchen will always remain at the core of who we are,” said THP CEO, Amanda Riva. “But as we expand and broaden our services, we wanted a brand name and logo that could grow with our team while still capturing the essence of where we came from.”


The full service agency, which specializes in offering North American food and beverage companies a one-stop shop for content development and communications, recently achieved an impressive milestone by surpassing more than 200 unique customers. Still in its infancy, the agency has grown from a team of two to 34 full-time employees in just two and a half years.


“Our customer base expands by 12-16 new unique brands per month. Not only do we continue to deliver exceptional recipe and video content, but our PR and Social Media partner base has more than doubled in the last six months,” said Riva. Add to that the agency’s mission to make every client a “crazy raving fan” along with recent 30 Under 30 nods from both Marketing and Forbes magazines, Riva believes that THP’s disruptive productized service model has found its place within the marketing industry and is excited to see the company continue to grow under the new THP name.


About THP  

As a leading full service test kitchen and creative agency, THP specializes in offering consumer and lifestyle brands a one-stop shop for their content development and communication needs. THP identifies and evaluates consumer, market, and digital trends to ensure the highest quality service for clients while creating innovative content that will spark thoughtful action from consumers across North America. For more information about the THP test kitchen and agency, visit www.dev4.nerdclients.com/thp. For recipe inspiration, visit the THP Community.