Jun 22

THP Takeover: Jenn McCuaig, UK Partner Development Specialist


When we decided to set out across the pond to open a UK office, there was no question who we wanted to be there welcoming new clients. Partner Development Specialist, Jenn McCuaig, is the perfect partner rockstar that represents the amazing THP spirit in our London headquarters. Get to know a little more about Jenn now, and then get in touch with the UK team to find out how you can get a spot in our London studio and maybe share a pizza.

Name: Jenn McCuaig

Position: Partner Development Specialist UK

How long have you been at THP? Since September 2015

What words describe you best? Adventurous, positive and competitive!

What’s the first recipe that you learned how to cook? I always loved cooking with my Mom when I was a kid, but I think the first thing I learned on my own was probably a classic pasta with tomato sauce. My grandfather is Italian, so this was always a staple in my house!

What’s your favourite food? This is a VERY hard question, but I’m a massive pizza lover and would be lying if I said anything else.

Have your discovered any new delicious foods in the UK? London has some pretty amazing food festivals and markets on the weekends, so I’ve been taking advantage as much as possible! Last weekend, I had Indian inspired tacos from a festival called Street Feast that were insanely delicious – highly recommend for anyone in London.

Since moving to the UK, what have been some of your favourite things you’ve done?  I love to spend as much time outdoors as possible, so some of my favourite activities have been walking around and exploring the city, hanging out in the park (on the rare occasion that its sunny!), markets, and runs down by the Thames. The pubs aren’t bad either! London is such a vibrant city there is always something interesting to do.

What’s at the top of your playlist right now? I’m loving James Blake right now – a local Londoner! He’s unfortunately not performing in the UK for a while, but I would love to see a show.

What drives you to make every customer a crazy raving fan? Positive energy and the amazingly creative work that comes out of our team is super inspiring. I always want to share that with our customers!

Check out more of Jenn’s views in the UK in her THP Instagram Takeover!