Sep 07

PRESS RELEASE – THP named #1 Digital Agency in Canada

Clutch Highlights the Best Agencies in Canada & UK in 2017

TORONTO, Ontario — September 7, 2017 – Today, Clutch issued a report announcing the best agencies in the United Kingdom & Canada in 2017. A ratings and reviews firm based in Washington, DC, Clutch’s research has expanded to identify leading B2B providers in the UK and Canada, with their latest report giving particular recognition to the top agencies specializing in advertising, branding, public relations, digital, and pay-per-click services.

The leading firms by category are as follows:

Top digital agency toronto

“To be a leading agency in a particular industry is no easy task, but the firms featured today have found a way to stand out as the best in their field through their experience, client satisfaction, and overall hard work,” says Jenna Seter, Business Analyst at Clutch. “Though our platform is US-based, we’re incredibly happy to extend our coverage abroad and give these agencies in Canada and UK the recognition they deserve.”

To identify the leading agencies, Clutch conducted extensive research based on a long-standing methodology that evaluates service firms for their market presence, esteemed client base, and evidence of quality projects delivered.

Companies listed on Clutch are also measured by direct feedback their clients provide. These clients speak with Clutch analysts, who then generate personal reviews of the clients’ partnerships with a company. The reviews are published on the companies’ profiles listed on

Clutch’s research is ongoing. All firms interested in being featured in the research are encouraged to apply through the Clutch website. Upcoming press releases will highlight global industry leaders.

Read full release, click here.

About THP: The world’s leading on-demand content and social media strategy provider, THP, serves more than 500 multinational and national clients. Offering an innovative online store, where marketers can shop for individual content products, THP is pushing boundaries in the marketing industry. Clients are able to purchase only what they need, when they need it, and are not required to make a minimum order or sign a contract. Learn more visit THP’s website!

About Clutch: A B2B research firm in the heart of Washington, DC, Clutch connects you with the agencies and software solutions that help you to enhance your business and meet your goals. Our methodology maps agencies and software solutions based on consumer reviews, the types of services offered, and quality of work.


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