Video Content is King

81% of businesses now use video content as a marketing tool.

High-quality, captivating video production has fast become an invaluable piece of the puzzle when it comes to increasing consumer understanding and brand engagement, which is why THP offers a wide range of video services to cater to any and every marketing desire.

Video represents 50% of the services we deliver here at THP, so you can tell we’re pretty passionate about creating killer visual content!

Our producers, food stylists, videographers and post-production team are committed to delivering alluring and attractive food-focused videos that will make your audience’s mouth water and more importantly, increase brand awareness and intent to purchase.


THP Clients

A Video Marketing Agency You Can Trust

We believe in working with you to produce a video that will communicate your brand message in the very best way possible. You will be assigned a dedicated partner development specialist (account manager) who will be your internal brand champion. Their responsibility is to champion your brand, streamline communication and offer a seamless high quality experience. Our commitment to quality and workflow is what continues to make us the industry-leader in both photo and video content.

From concept through to production, our end-to-end solution and proven service delivery process can be tailored to your budget, timeline, company goals and video objectives. THP will create a solution to fit your needs.

THP Video Production: Costs

Whether you’re looking for a 3-second micro video, a GIF, or something shorter or longer, our pricing model is second to none. Long-term contracts and large retainer fees don’t exist when working with THP. Instead, we offer a completely a la carte model so that you can pick and choose the right services for your need – 100% pay-as-you-go. Our on-demand model champions our partners getting content better, faster and cheaper than traditional big box production companies.

THP Video Services

We specialize in several types of video, as listed below.

Don’t see a service that suits your need? Get in touch with our team and we can share more information about our 160+ content services or create a new service for your need. We also offer explainer videos.

Micro Videos $1,700

These videos are up to 30-seconds and perfect for quick recipes, how-to tips or even little hacks. They capture catalyst moments in a recipe with maybe one or two hero shots and are great for use on social media. To get the most of out of your shoot we can also capture cinemographs or vertical outputs during the shoot.

Premium Video $4,000

Our customers have seen great benefits from our premium video experience. Concentrating on quality content, we take time to create videos with an undeniable ‘Wow Factor’ and accommodate two rounds of feedback. These videos are up to 45 seconds long and include in-studio video production. We also offer on-location video shoots starting at $7000.

Stop Motion Video $3600

Definitely our most playful form of video, stop motion involves stitching 300-500 photos together to create a fun and eye-catching motion, which works particularly well on social media. We find that a lot of customers are using stop motion for education style videos or concepts that need a little life injected into them!

Micro Video Bundle $3,000

This service offers a more cost-effective way to produce short format video content, which is particularly beneficial for Instagram, as content can be created for a feed and for Instagram stories. This bundle includes 3 videos up to 10 seconds in length.

Cinemographs/GIFs/ Boomerangs  $850

High-quality photography with a subtle hint of movement, these video styles are great for social media and also work really well when embedded directly into digital newsletters and email campaigns.



Customize the program to fit your brand’s needs. Buy online or get in touch.


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Participate in-house, via virtual studio or let our team be your internal brand champion.


Receive your custom content when you need it. Typical timelines are 2-4 weeks.


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