Nov 21

3 Ways Marketers Can Prepare for 2018

As a marketer, performing better than the year prior is a definite goal when planning and strategizing for the year ahead. As 2017 begins to wind down, it is important to start thinking about what plans can be put into place, in order to reach your targets for 2018. As content trends shift and change, so to does your marketing plan especially to stay ahead of the curve. Read on for three ways you can achieve your goals and win with content in 2018!

1. Content Audit

Content is your main opportunity to communicate and inspire consumers, so look to the content you already have to provide meaningful insights. It’s easy to toss these learning’s away but knowing what content you have in your arsenal is too valuable to. Ask ourself; do you have assets that address customer questions from every stage of the funnel? Did you create content with a specific goal or decision in mind? Use these questions to evaluate what’s worked in the past and what didn’t perform well, before you decide to start from scratch.

A content audit is also the perfect opportunity to evaluate why types of content you should create and weave into your strategy. Maybe there’s a video style that didn’t it into the budget but it’s on trend for the year to come. Staying on top of content trends not only gives you the avenue to try new things, but keeps you ahead of the curve and your competition.

2. Revaluate Your Marketing Strategy

Only 40% of marketers have a documented content strategy. That means 60% of marketers are flying by the seat of their pants when it comes to planning and executing on marketing initiatives. If you’re a part of the 40% you’re already one step ahead for 2018. Having a written strategy is vital information, especially when looking to plan for the future. With a written plan you’re able to analyze what activities you’ve completed month-to-month, the value behind them and if there were any gaps that need reassessment. Did the email campaign you ran in July provide the ROI you targeted? What assets didn’t yield the best results and can be improved upon next year. Testing and learning, will only allow you to improve on the activities you decide to plot into your strategy.

3. Set Goals and KPIs

Set goals and stick to them!  All brands should set desired business goals they’d like to achieve on a yearly basis and evaluate them as the year carries on. Not only do targets and goals keep you on track but they act as a progress report on the day-to-day. As a marketer, setting key performance indicators not only allows you to track against the goals you’ve set out to achieve but keeps you accountable for doing so.

Want to brush up on what industry benchmarks are important and what you should be measuring? Read our Social Media KPIs white paper here.

Given the pace of the industry and expansion of digital landscape in 2017 it’s no surprise that 2018 will continue to pick up full steam ahead! Prepare yourself with the tools you need to achieve your business goals and keep diligent and agile in order to succeed!

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