May 05

When To Hire A Social Agency?

Is keeping up with social media more exhausting than your morning workout? Knowing when to hire an agency to manage your social media can be a tough choice. Did you know that social media is expected to account for 22.5% of total marketing spend within the next five years? This means that you need to determine whether you’re able to manage your channels in-house or whether your time and money is better spent hiring an experienced social agency.

If you decide to manage the channels yourself, you will be able to easily integrate your own approval process,  control the brand voice and be sure that all content is aligned with all objectives.

On the other hand, Community Managers, such as the team in THP’s Social Media department, work over 40 hours a week dedicated to managing large communities and engaging the audience. They also have access to specialized marketing tools to help manage and evaluate your audience and performance.

Learn more to make your choice easier by downloading our Facebook 101 White Paper that takes the guesswork out of the channel!