Aug 16

Why smart brands are turning to TikTok

BLOG Aug 16 2021 By: Abigail Guthrie, Social Media Community Manager TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media apps worldwide. As of January 2021, TikTok reported over 200 billion downloads and 689 million global users. The number of global users is now believed to be over 700 million. While it may…
Aug 09
Aug 04

Creating authentic content: 5 quick tips for brand marketers

BLOG Aug 4 2021 Tag’s localization experts, Sophie Youles, Linguistics Lead and Kelly Lau, Copywriter, work with global brands to originate and adapt content across regions and cultures. In this blog, they offer key insights for authenticity in storytelling.  The Annual CMO Spend Survey 2020-2021 concluded that 79% of CMOs will look to…
Jul 29
Jul 21
7 Ways to Skyrocket Clicks on Your Content

5 Ways to Skyrocket Clicks on Your Content Marketing

BLOG July 21 2021 Are you investing in great content but finding that your click-through rate (CTR) or engagement stats are underwhelming? You’re not alone. By the end of this guide, you’ll be armed with 5 content marketing best practices used by top content marketers around the world that will…
Jul 14

5 ways to create effective brand toolkits

BLOG July 14 2021 Transcreation, translation and localization should be a key area of focus for any global brand marketer. The world we live in is increasingly globalized, and as a result, consumers are developing increased expectations of the brands they interact with when it comes to understanding their local…
Jul 07

Is Clubhouse good for your brand?

BLOG July 7 2021 By Rebecca Steckham, Director of Social Media Is Clubhouse good for your brand? Clubhouse is one of the fastest rising stars in social media we’ve ever seen. The invitation-only audio-based app, which launched in April 2020, is now a $4B platform with 10 million+ weekly active users and big…
Jun 30
Maximize your marketing dollars!

5 Tips for Food Marketers on Maximizing Their Marketing Dollars

BLOG June 30 2021 According to Rakuten Marketing, marketers will waste 26% of their marketing budget in 2018 on the wrong channels or strategies. While marketing will always involve a certain amount of trial and error, minimizing the error can help you maximize the remaining marketing dollars at your disposal. There…
Jun 23
5 Reasons to do a Recipe Database Audit

5 Reasons to do a Recipe Database Audit

BLOG June 23 2021 Recipe databases are a goldmine, filled with tradition, innovation, and lots of great meals waiting to be cooked. If not organized and optimized, these databases can also be a nightmare. More often than not, recipe databases are inherited from past brands and can be rather large.…
Jun 16

5 Ways Food Marketers Should Use Social Listening to Inform Strategy

BLOG June 16 2021 Social listening allows you to track, analyze, and respond to online conversations about your brand and your industry. Most importantly, it is the analysis of this information that makes social listening so powerful. This is because the analysis portion allows your brand to gain valuable insights…