Guide to Social Media Benchmarks

March 2018

This simple one page guides gives marketers the must-know facts about setting Social Media Metric Benchmarks. We get asked constantly about how and why metrics are calculated the way they are. Get a peek inside this thinking here.

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Video Obstacles & Opportunities

January 2018

New year, new stats! If you’re a marketer who wants to increase conversion and stay ahead of the competition, this is a must read! In this Tip Sheet we highlight the 5 top obstacles marketers face creating video content and the opportunities available to increase conversion and brand awareness.

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2018 Social Media Tip Sheet

January 2018

Social media has become an increasingly competitive marketing tactic used by 83% of B2B marketers. Download our tip sheet to learn what content converts best on social, need to know platform statistics and what three things your brand needs to focus on.

Flavour & Trend Forecast 2018
THP’s 2018 Flavor & Trend Forecast

November 2017

2018 marks the third annual Flavor & Trend Forecast and this year we’ve dug deep into the cupboard and sifted through mounds of facts to serve up the best report yet. We worked with our internal experts to bring you the top 10 trends you’ll be seeing throughout 2018 and 5 trends to keep on your radar.

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Instagram Tip Sheet

September 2017

Instagram is a highly competitive channel for marketers that demands frequent activity and high quality content. In this Tip Sheet, we highlight creative best practices and the secret top marketers are using to increase flexibility and engagement with consumers.

eCommerce Obstacles & Opportunities

August 2017

A summary of the state of eCommerce for product segments in the US and Canada. Includes list top of obstacles and opportunities faced by marketers and retailers.

2017 Social Media KPIs

June 2017

Download this FREE whitepaper to uncover what the 2017 Industry Benchmarks are for Social Media KPIs, see how your brand’s performance stacks up and learn what to measure for when setting future goals.

THP’s 2017 Flavour & Trend Forecast

November 2016

For 2017, we’ve been crunching the facts and working with our team of food experts to craft this year’s trend list. Download now to learn about the top 10 trends for next year and the 5 one’s to watch!

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Pinterest 101

June 2016

Pinterest has created an environment that gives users the ability to not only browse through aspirational items but also plan for future projects; consider it a digital catalogue. Over 90% of Pinterest users leverage the platform to gather information and plan for or make purchases.

Instagram White Paper

Instagram 101

July 2016

Blink and you just might miss something from the fastest growing social media platform. In week 3 of our Social Media 101 Series we investigate Instagram: demographic breakdowns, latest features and best practices.


Why your Brand Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

July 2016

A solid content strategy guides your brand’s marketing efforts and keeps them aligned to your business objectives. Without one you’re floating in the ocean with no life vest!

Facebook 101

March 2016

Join us over the next 5 weeks as we explore the top 5 social media platforms: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter! You’ll get a look into demographic breakdown, behaviours and a simple look at what makes a killer post/feed as well as best practices! Let’s get started with the platform that changed it all: Facebook.


Content Marketing

April 2016

Content Marketing is all everyone seems to be talking about. In fact, 77% of marketers say they plan to produce more content in 2016. Take 10 minutes to read how our latest White Paper uses a simple cycle to build a content marketing strategy. It will build efficiencies into your marketing plans, saving you time and money.

Twitter White Paper

Twitter 101

February 2016

We’ve come to the end of our Social Media 101 bootcamp. We’re tying everything together with Twitter, which prides itself on brevity, so we’ll keep this short.


THP’s Flavour Trend Forecast 2016

January 2016

Keep up to date with the latest flavours and trends that will be taking over your instagram account next year with THP’s inaugural Flavour & Trend Forecast. Not only will you get to see the top 10 trends of 2016 but we’ve even taken a look into our crystal casserole dish to see what’s on the horizon for 2017.


The State of Video

January 2016

You may have heard that video is the must have content form for 2016. In THP’s White Paper, The State of Video, we explore the effect digital video has had on marketing spend, the differences between YouTube and Facebook as well as demystifying video metrics.


Snap Chat 101

January 2016

Welcome to week 2 of our 5 week Social Media 101 Series! Snapchat supports over 100 million daily active users but only 1% of brands are currently engaging with the Gen Z heavy platform. Snapchat holds massive untapped potential for brands, click now to learn more!


Beautiful Content. Half The Price.

December 2015

Click the thumbnail image to see how over 240 consumer brands have switched from a traditional agency model to a flexible pay-as-you-go model for creating beautiful, custom, on-brand content.


Revolutionize Your Social Media

November 2015

The numbers prove that exception content helps drive consumer engagement. The problem is that Brand Managers are expected to do more, with less. See how a flexible pay-as-you-go model can generate the results you want on the budget you need!


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